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Signature de Madine , Adeline Donze l'Artiste

Madine, born on February 16, 1984.

Bachelor in Art, Paris 1 la Sorbonne, 2023.

Graduated in «Space Design» at the IPAC Design Geneva in 2017.

Lives and works in Geneva .


Since childhood, Madine uses the drawing as her language before she learned to write.

She discovered art and design through an illustrious ancestor (Henri Sauvage). After several professional experiences in management, she decided to devote herself to her creative passion and did space design studies.  After a successful experience in this field, she decided to devote herself to her personal work.

Madine is the artist of freedom , but above all of human truth.

She is a self-taught artist in relation to the history of contemporary art, which allows her to have a “completely fresh” vision. Her artistic point of view, moreover,  goes through a certain opening up of the artistic categories sclerosed in their closed environments.

Her true subject is the truth of the other. The other expressed through the intuitive feeling that she has and it motivates and inspires her. The other also because she does not wish to show her own presence as an artist as if to really leave as if to really leave room for this «other». But someone else in whom she seeks a deeper truth, like a portrait of the soul, through a practice linked to the intimacy of a person, the objects evoke according to her the essence of the person.

And paradoxically, it is always her own hands that appear in the paintings, carrying or manipulating these symbolic "objects». As if her own almost invisible self-portrait were transformed into her own sensitivity, almost the very process of creation, executed by hand, but for the benefit, leaving room above all, for the “sensitivity of the other”.

You want a personalized portrait, you are inspired by one of my works .......................

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